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Mantra Boards

Students will have an opportunity to ask any questions about the topics that have been shared and receive any coaching around anything they may be journeying through. During this session, we will also create visual mantra boards related to the electric affirmations created in Session 4.

Electric Affirmations

Students will have the opportunity to create personal affirmations for themselves, affirm themselves while looking at their reflection in the mirror and share about their experience.

The Well of Wisdom

Students will have the opportunity to bring their juiciest, biggest life questions and receive the opportunity to receive insight from Causing Legacy’s Elder’s Council.

Tune in & Turn On Your Intuition

Students will be introduced to the idea of muscle testing to support making the highest and best decisions in their life. We will discuss the intelligence of the body and ways to tune into that energy.

Sound Healing

Students will be introduced to the 7 energy centers (chakras) of the body and how sound can impact them. During this session, the students will have the opportunity to experience a crystal singing bowls, share about their experience, and discover